Trust Box

The root cause of security breaches is unfortunately often human error. To make sure that our employees and users won't be the weakest link, they need the necessary knowledge and reflexes, awareness raising, support and training, which are still key today. NC3 is here to support you! We are pleased to announce the new NC3 Trust Box full of tools and material to guide you in this essential task. Please find herewith your “Swiss army knife” USB key, with relevant material to be freely used and reused by you and your employees:

Content of the Trust Box

A brochure that recalls the importance of a good hygiene in computer security and tips not to be missed on a daily basis. ENGLISH FRANCAIS
Posters to decorate your walls. ENGLISH FRANCAIS
Templates of charters. It's never too late to have one! ENGLISH FRANCAIS
Awareness slides dedicated to employee awareness, with examples and images that will make you think before you click! ENGLISH FRANCAIS
A set of explanatory and entertaining videos with simulated situations. ENGLISH FRANCAIS