The NC3 mission is to support the Luxembourg ecosystem in building cybersecurity competence and capacity, in a way that contributes to developing the cybersecurity industrial base in the country, and strengthens the strategic autonomy of the European Union.



The purpose of the Luxembourg National Cybersecurity Competence Center (NC3) is to strengthen the Country's ecosystem facing cyber threats and risks.

The NC3 builds its activities around 3 pillars:

  1. To encourage and coordinate capacities and competence building in cybersecurity for exposed organisations or individuals and security services providers.
  2. To develop a strong cybersecurity industrial base in the country and more widely in the Greater Region, supporting an increasingly digitised ecosystem.
  3. To orient research efforts and technological excellence in cybersecurity based on advanced analytics of the growing volume of relevant data.

Being the outcome of the merge of two previous departments from (formerly known as CASES and C3), the NC3 relies on a solid experience in prevention, protection, training, and testing in cybersecurity matters. It combines the excellence of experts from five different domains in order to cover all the dimensions of its mission.

competence building
Competence Building

To support organisations and people in reaching a mature level of competence in cybersecurity

capacity building
Capacity Building

Building cybersecurity capabilities strengthen the economy by covering market gaps by enabling new offers to emerge or by creating affordable security solutions.
Developing a framework that can support capacity building efforts, either locally (towards "resources limited" SMBs and municipalities) or globally (development support).

Research & Innovation
Research, Data & Innovation

To efficiently support the development of cybersecurity research and innovation in a way that strengthens the ecosystem development and with a specific focus on data and strategic awareness

Ecosystem and industrialisation
Ecosystem & industrialisation

Animation of the cybersecurity ecosystem in Luxembourg, aimed at developing a cybersecurity industrial base, with a specific focus on startups, SMBs, and small organisations

ncc coordination
NCC Coordination

To coordinate actions initiated with other NCC's and ECCC, or by EU institutions, to ensure that all NCC-LU mandatory tasks are fulfilled and lead those that are not covered by other NC3 domains, and to manage funding mechanisms related to cybersecurity research and development

About NC3

The NC3 also benefits from a set of already existing and mature platforms, such as MONARC for risk governance, OpenXEco for ecosystem animation, ROOM#42 for crisis management training, but also the Threat Observatory Platform, or the self-assessment tool "Fit4Cybersecurity".

Given its involvement in major EU-funded projects such as SPARTA or the EUCyberNet, the NC3 is well-positioned to handle the European dimension of its mission.

Moreover, the NC3 has been designated to act as the National Coordination Centre (NCC) for Luxembourg within the Network of National Coordination Centres, established by EU regulation 2021/887, creating a European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC) is be located in Bucharest.

The National Coordination Centre Luxembourg (NCC-LU) serves as the single information point for the ECCC, for the European Network of National Coordination Centres (NCCs) and the national stakeholders in Luxembourg.

The ECCC, together with its NCC network, was created by the Commission in 2021 in order to increase Europe’s cybersecurity capacities and competitiveness and to build a strong Cybersecurity Community. The main aim of this new initiative is to create coordination from the top level to the bottom of the chain in the European cybersecurity environment. Furthermore, the ECCC and the Network are intended to pool investment in cybersecurity research, technology, and industrial development and to coordinate better planning by the EU’s Horizon Europe and Digital Europe funding programs. The NCC-LU is particularly active in the network of NCC's, co-chairing two of its 4 working groups.

The NCC-LU is thus designed to foster a European and Luxembourgish Cybersecurity Ecosystem, and ensure coordination within the NCC network, with one Centre per member state. Activities focus on open, agile and adaptive cooperation between different stakeholders, to promote synergies and mutual understanding. Key attributes of the NCC-LU include connecting different capabilities and stakeholders to prevent fragmentation. Networking helps to build a safe, resilient, and trustworthy ecosystem.